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Air Conditioning Systems

Using standard Eberspächer products, which are then modified to meet military requirements, systems are available to operate up to 55 degrees Centigrade.

All types of military vehicles are supported including "white" general service vehicles, through to "green" armoured, light defence and specialist vehicles.

General Specifications

  • Cooling Capacity: Up to 12kW.
  • Heating Capacity: Up to 12kW.
  • Voltage: 12V / 24V DC.
  • Compressor: Engine driven.
  • Operating Ambient Temperature: -46°C to +49°C.
  • Storage Temperature Range: -46°C to + 71°C.
  • EMC Compliance: Def Stan 59–411 Land Class A.
  • Suitable for worldwide operating conditions.

Qualification Testing

  • Preliminary hot cycle diurnal climatic testing to A1 (Def Stan 00-35) in the Eberspächer chamber, including storage. This allows system testing in isolation from the vehicle / shelter installation, verifying performance and capacity.
  • Low temperature testing to -33°C in the Eberspächer chamber.
  • Complete system testing in the Eberspächer main vehicle workshop where ambient temperatures up to 40°C can be achieved to enable functional testing at higher ambients prior to external test house testing.
  • Complete system testing when integrated into the vehicle is carried out at external test facilities.
  • EMC testing to Def Stan 59-411.
  • Automotive trials for completed systems is normally carried out by the customer as part of the total system testing and has included off-road wheeled vehicles and tracked vehicles.
  • Vibration and shock testing of defence standards.

Foxhound Bespoke Climate System

Eberspacher (UK) Ltd is supplying twin HVAC units for the Foxhound vehicle in conjunction with a Hydronic M10-11, Military Spec (461E) diesel fuel operating water heater.

The integrated in-dash mounted HVAC is purpose designed for this project using extensive experience from other military vehicle projects now in service with the MoD. These previous systems have been proven in service and on test at temperatures up to 55ºC.

The construction of the enclosures acts as a Faraday cage around the blowers; this reduces any radiated emissions and improves EMC performance. Previous projects using the same components and design philosophy have passed EMC testing to Land Class A, as targeted on this project.

The whole system has been designed for dependable operation in rugged conditions. The control switches are hard wearing, and the large tactile knobs are ideal when the operator is wearing gloves and visibility is poor.

Military Foxhound Leaflet