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Eberspächer Makes its First Appearance at LAMMA

Air Conditioning, Climate Control and Fuel Operated Heating for Agriculture Machine Applications

Highlighted by last year's hot summer and with more extreme weather affecting the UK climate than ever before.

Eberspächer – experts in the design and manufacture of efficient and effective climate control solutions – is aiding farmers with year round optimum comfort to increase productivity. 

You can rely on a comprehensive and experienced nationwide dealer network to deliver 'off the shelf' products, with as much support and back-up advice as needed.

For specific vehicle and machinery OEM's, Eberspächer's in-house design team is capable of handling all bespoke requirements with the mind-set "We will provide you with a solution for your climate needs?".   

Farming and Agricultural Products on Show Include Roof-Top Air Conditioners  

Duratronic 2000 with cooling output of 2,000 Watts 12V
Duratronic 2400 with cooling output of 2,400 Watts 24V

Sturdy and robust design especially suited to off-road applications and vehicles with or without a hatch opening in the roof. Constant cooling, independent of engine speed, can also operate with the engine off for short periods. Temperature control can be changed manually or automatically.   

The NEW Generation 2 Eberspächer Airtronic diesel-fuelled cabin heaters

Independent of the engine's own heating system. The D2L (2kW) and D4L (4kW) are ideal for cold and harsh environments and benefit from a number of new innovations, including longer service time intervals. Heaters can be activated by timer or app remote control for pre-heating. 

Eberspächer Hydronic water heater range

Outputs from 4kW to 35kW enables warming up of the engine, thus making starting easy, protecting the engine and saving fuel. Comfortable warm air distribution through the vehicle's own air vents. Easy installation in the engine compartment and impervious to pressure / steam cleaning processes. Heating started by timer or app remote control with pre-ventilation possible in summer. Diesel heating systems are also suitable for heating freight compartments.   

For further information please contact either:

Richard How, UK Sales Manager or Chris Dore, Air Conditioning Specialist
Eberspächer (UK) Ltd
Tel: 01425 480151

Email: enquiries[at]