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Heating Systems

Snow, wet and bitter cold. These are the kind of weather conditions to which soldiers are being increasingly subjected due to the rise in the number of overseas deployments. If soldiers have to rough it or do reconnaissance work in extremely low temperatures for long periods of time, their concentration and efficiency suffer.

Military vehicles should therefore be equipped so that soldiers work in conditions that make their jobs easier and foster good health.

There's Only One Solution – Independent Heating!

An Eberspächer heater brings the driver's cab, crew space and personal area up to a pleasant "working temperature" independent of the engine. With all of the consequences for ablebodiedness, safety, comfort and economy.

Eberspächer have been developing independent heaters for seventy years. They have proven their worth millions of times over in passenger and commercial vehicles, buses, ships and not least in tough military senarios. Our tough and durable technology that can cope with impacts, vibrations and extreme inclined positions just as easily as hot, humid climates and biting cold.

The Advantages of Eberspächer Air Heaters

  • Interior spaces heat up rapidly thanks to speedy and direct heat output.
  • Can run continuously because they are very energy efficient.
  • Can be installed independently of existing systems.
  • The water circuit normally required for heating interior spaces is no longer necessary.

The Advantages of Eberspächer Water Heaters

  • Combined engine pre-heating and interior space heating are possible with only one heater.
  • Tandem operation with two heaters is possible for a high heat output requirement.

Foxhound Bespoke Climate System

Eberspacher (UK) Ltd is supplying twin HVAC units for the Foxhound vehicle in conjunction with a Hydronic M10-11, Military Spec (461E) diesel fuel operating water heater.

The integrated in-dash mounted HVAC is purpose designed for this project using extensive experience from other military vehicle projects now in service with the MoD. These previous systems have been proven in service and on test at temperatures up to 55ºC.

The construction of the enclosures acts as a Faraday cage around the blowers; this reduces any radiated emissions and improves EMC performance. Previous projects using the same components and design philosophy have passed EMC testing to Land Class A, as targeted on this project.

The whole system has been designed for dependable operation in rugged conditions. The control switches are hard wearing, and the large tactile knobs are ideal when the operator is wearing gloves and visibility is poor.

Military Foxhound Leaflet