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Eberspächer (UK) Ltd – A Statement Regarding the Sale of Diavia

The following statement regarding the sale of Diavia, was made by Vince Lee, Eberspächer (UK) Ltd Managing Director at the Eberspächer UK National Dealer Conference last month:

‘Eberspächer UK has been designing and prototyping a range of new air conditioning products; many of which, have already been thoroughly tested and are close to full production. Eberspächer UK is the leading air conditioning and climate system supplier into the small bus and accessible vehicle market sector the UK, designing and building kits which incorporate quality components the best the market can offer. Eberspacher UK has proven capability in the manufacture, enhancement and continued improvement of its own air conditioning products.

Eberspächer Climate Control Systems GmbH – our German parent company – purchased Sütrak in 2010. Shortly afterwards it announced a change in the division name from “Vehicle heaters” to “Climate Systems”. It is now Eberspächer’s firm intention to expand the division to be in complete control of all products, therefore reducing the dependency on outside suppliers.

One supplier used by Eberspächer UK for many years is Diavia – a division of Delphi. For over a year, Delphi has wanted to sell off this division.

Eberspächer did consider the option of purchasing Diavia, but decided that it has the capability to manufacture similar equipment itself. As a result, one of its competitors took Eberspächer’s withdrawal from the process as an opportunity to buy Diavia.

We wish to reassure everyone that Eberspächer UK will continue to offer complete air conditioning and climate systems to the same quality and performance as before, but in many cases better.'

In addition, Mr Lee further reassures the company’s many UK customers stating that:

Eberspächer UK Ltd will continue to support all Diavia products which have been included within systems supplied by Eberspächer UK. As such, Eberspächer UK Ltd will honour all agreed warranty terms and compensate any necessary remedial work under the current warranty agreements which are in place. Eberspächer UK has access to all Diavia parts for the foreseeable future. It will guarantee that even if this supply route is terminated, Eberspächer UK will ensure that systems it supplied incorporating Diavia products will be repaired using alternative components which are the same or of a superior quality.'

Information on the new range of Eberspächer UK air conditioning and heating products is carried in the accompanying press release.