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Happy Birthday Eberspächer UK

London Boat Show 2017



Exhibiting on NEW stand C073, Eberspächer (UK) Ltd celebrates 40 years in the UK

2017 marks the 40th anniversary year since Eberspächer UK was incorporated in the UK.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Eberspächer Climate Control Systems GmbH of Germany, Eberspächer (UK) Ltd has come a long way since 1977, a year that saw the new UK Company sell 600 diesel-fuelled heaters with a turnover of £278,000, this compares to today’s figures of a UK combined market turnover approaching £20M. The marine market remains a staple and highly recognised part of Eberspächer UK’s business strategy.

Today’s Eberspächer UK is based in a new, purpose-built 55,000-sq.ft warehouse and office facility in Ringwood, Hampshire, which opened at the beginning of 2015. The company was keen to retain Ringwood as its traditional home location for continuity and to retain its highly experienced workforce.

From inception back in 1977 the company has nurtured a list of what were then just 6 approved dealers and installers, to an amount today in excess of 100 accredited dealers situated in key areas of the country.

This steady growth can be attributed, in part, to well engineered, reliable, largely maintenance-free heater original products, such as the D1L heater, that were not only affordable, but were marketed at a time when more and more people were buying relatively less costly GRP made boats. At the same time people were upgrading their home central-heating, they soon found that with Eberspächer they could fit a similar and reliable solution to their yacht or boat.

Original Eberspächer heaters used a single outlet to heat the main saloon, however, customer demand dictated a fully ducted system soon became the norm, with separate outlets in each cabin/area. Evolution continued to use this heat source for windscreen demisting, cockpit and helm heating for motorboats.

As boats became larger, combined with a demand for greater interior space, the ducted system made way for a ‘wet’ heating system that used fan assisted radiators fed by hot water to heat temperature controlled individual cabins. These systems then became ideal for the rise in ‘live-a-boards’ who required their heater system to also provide hot water for showers and galley applications.

Fast forward to today and the London Boat Show stand staff will be pleased to show you Eberspächer’s latest solutions for on-board heating, drying and demisting.

The latest range includes the Airtronic range which blows warm air into each cabin, using minimal energy with heat outputs from 800W to a mighty 8kW, suitable for boats and yachts from 13ft up to 62ft. Eberspächer’s Hydronic range heats an internal water system to provide uniform heat more akin to a domestic radiator/convector based system owners have at home, with heat outputs from 2.4kW to a colossal 35kW, or multiples thereof, which can heat boats and yachts from 19ft up to140ft.

Other show highlights will include EasyStart Web – a new and improved version of Eberspächer’s remote, web-based control unit that enables users to turn on their heating system in readiness for arrival to a nicely warmed-up and condensation-free boat.

Via the internet, the wireless network-based receiver installed on-board can be operated from any distance via smartphone, tablet or PC, with intuitive procedures from a user-friendly control screen.

The new system features a permanently installed roaming SIM chip for access to the best mobile network and strongest signal in each region.

Last but not least Eberspächer have silenced their heating systems both inside and outside your boat, by introducing a noise reduction pack, now included in all their standard marine heater kits.

Kits come complete with a fully insulated flexible silenced exhaust, combustion air silencer, silenced fuel system and, sound deadening rubber mounts for heaters and components. These combined improvements ensure that operating noise levels have been markedly reduced.

“Quietly keeping you warm."

For further information please contact either:

Richard How, UK Sales Manager or Tina Backhouse, PA to MD
Eberspächer (UK) Ltd,
Tel: 01425 480151