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A Bigger and Better Showing of Commercial Vehicles including a World Launch

Visit Eberspächer (UK) Ltd in Hall 5, Stand F-80

CV Shoe 2017



Celebrating our 40th anniversary this year, vehicle climate control specialists, Eberspächer UK Ltd, have increased the size of the CV Show stand by 20% in-line with a rise in the number of commercial and utility vehicles on display from 8 to 10 customer vehicles.

Managing Director, Vince Lee, said: “The extra space, combined with the daily hospitality service we provide, offers customers a welcoming & business-like environment to showcase their latest vehicles and associated technology.

 “The assembled line-up of vehicles provides a dynamic showcase of how Eberspächer climate control technology is continuing to enhance, improve & add-value to our customer’s end products.”

With today’s congested cities and increased air pollution targets, a first for the show will be the Global Launch of Mellor Coachcraft’s zero emission, Orion E electric minibus – the world’s first single step entry, fully low-floor, electric minibus.

With its unique, fully flexible interior layout option, the Orion E uses an electric front-wheel drive system with an electric drive and gearbox in the engine bay.

This, combined with independent trailing arm suspension, allows for a large and completely flat floor space that can be fitted out to suit all manner of customer seating / wheelchair needs.

Whereupon most of Eberspächer’s vehicle customers fit fuel operated units, in this instance of an all-electric vehicle, Mellor have fitted an Eberspächer bespoke PTC high voltage electrically powered heater, with water pump and control system.

With regenerative breaking and all the driver economy and environmental benefits of any modern electric vehicle, the Orion E offers a nominal 100 mile range and minimal recharge time with its conventional Li-Ion batteries.*

Based upon a Mercedes Sprinter platform, accessible minibus specialist, Treka Bus, will show a Treka 16 featuring an Eberspächer hydro climate system covering both the cab and saloon area, an electrically operated passenger door, PLS passenger lift, GRP interior and Treka’s unique Voiceover Information System providing spoken messages to drivers and passengers.

Also in Hall 5, Treka Bus have two further vehicles displayed on their own stand, F11, along with a Virtual Reality demonstration, where visitors can take an immersive look inside the company, take a ride on a passenger lift, from the perspective of a passenger, and explore different vehicle layouts, trims and options in a virtual environment.

Truck and van conversion specialist, Euromotive, have participated on the Eberspächer stand for many years and will display a DAF based truck body, fitted with an Eberspächer Airtronic D2 cab heater and Handiwash unit.

Euromotive’s Brian Eaton, said: “Legislation, particularly in inner cities and for those working with hazardous substances or in unhygienic conditions, often requires a hand wash unit to be fitted to work vehicles, and because of the success of last year’s show, we thought Eberspächer’s type-approved, external hand-wash unit would make a talking point when describing our latest truck body.”

On behalf of Enterprise Flex E-Rent, Minibus specialist, Stanford Coachworks, will bring a LWB 9-seat Renault Master fitted with an Eberspächer Airtronic D2 heater and Air Conditioning unit and, on behalf of London Hire, a Mercedes Sprinter minibus fitted with an Airtronic D4 heater.

Stanford’s, Jess Rider, said: “From their back-up and technical assistance, down to product & parts delivery and customer service, Eberspächer UK have continued to be one of the easiest and most helpful of all the ancillary equipment and component suppliers we deal with.”

Bradford based Vehicle Conversion Specialists Ltd design and manufacture all kinds of vehicle conversions, specialising in front line Ambulances. They are presenting a new Fiat Ducato (Euro 6) Ambulance (supplied by East Midlands Ambulance Service) fitted with an Eberspächer Dual Air climate control system wth an Airtronic D4 heater.

Sales Manager, Paul Croom, said: “When VCS manufacture an Ambulance or emergency services vehicle, the comfort and stability of patients during transit is paramount and we go the extra mile to achieve that.

“The Ambulance we are displaying at the show, rather than mounting the a/c unit above the cab/roof, we’ve integrated the system into the rear saloon roof cavity. We then duct along the length of the saloon roof within a specially pressed and formed section to all directional outlets to each seat and stretcher area, to achieve optimum air flow. This VCS method also cools the vehicle interior quicker due to satellite air con outlets throughout the saloon. During the design process we collaborated with Eberspächer, which enabled a number of beneficial solutions for our customer and ultimately for the patients."

Other products on display will include:

  • Cooltronic Generation 2 roof hatch air conditioning units – for the provision of cool air with either engine on or off. (see leaflet for more details).

This year’s show stand will see brand new models to compliment the Eberspächer Euroengel range of temperature controlled mobile refrigeration boxes. (See leaflet for more details). Eberspächer UK are the approved distributor of commercially designed robust and versatile polyethylene containers aimed at industries such as the food trade, pharmaceutical and water treatment industries, where transporting goods and samples etc. at safety-critical temperatures is paramount.

With operating voltages of 12 to 24V DC and optional 240V AC, Euroengel containers can be transported using ordinary cars and vans, yet still comply with food hygiene and other safety-critical standards.

The range now includes capacities from 22 litres up to a massive 1640 litres storage capacity and, dependant upon model, an operating range of -24°C to +40°C.

Available in chill only, chill/heat & chill/freeze formats, the new range of containers have an enhanced digital temperature controller to set and monitor the internal temperature and are perfect for those who can’t justify the use and associated cost of a dedicated temperature-controlled vehicle.

At the time of writing, the ten customer vehicles on display will be:

  • Cartwright – Ford Transit Utility / Welfare Van fitted with an Airtronic D2 heater and two handiwash units;
  • Euromotive – DAF 18T Tipper Truck Body fitted with an Airtronic D2 and Handiwash system;
  • Hillside – Birchover model, based upon a VW Transporter fitted with Airtronic D2 heater;
  • London Hire – Mercedes Sprinter extra-long, super-high roof minibus fitted with an Airtronic D4 heater;
  • Mellor Coachcraft – Orion E Electric Minibus, fitted with an Eberspächer PTC high voltage electric heater,  water pump & controller;
  • Stanford Coachworks – LWB Renault Master fitted with an Airtronic D2 heater and Air Conditioning System with Hudson evaporator;
  • Taxi, Bus Conversions – VW Crafter LWB Maxi Minibus model fitted with an Airtronic D2 heater;
  • Treka Bus – Treka 16 accessible Mercedes Sprinter Minibus fitted with HV912 Hydro-Climate system with 5kW Hydronic heater;
  • Vehicle Conversion Specialists - Latest Fiat Ducato Ambulance fitted with an EV510 Dual Air climate control system with an Airtronic D4 heater.

* Download the official Orion E Launch Press Release here:

For further information please contact either:

Richard How, UK Sales Manager, 07720 425690

Bryson Golby, Area Sales Manager, 07764 659629

Chris Dore, Engineering Manager, 07720425684