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Top Efficiency in your Mobile Workplace

Eberspächer Heaters for Trucks

It is for good reasons that professional associations, unions and management specify heaters for commercial road traffic.

Heaters offer the trucker the necessary warmth and comfort at the mobile workplace, also overnight. They also increase safety and ensure increased efficiency.

Eberspächer offers two basic types for trucks: Air Heaters and Water Heaters. Your personal priorities decide which type of heater is the right one for your vehicle. You must take the technical requirements (space for installation) into consideration.

Eberspächer Anti-Idle

Waiting to load or unload, or even taking a break with the engine idling to keep warm costs money and increases wear and tear on the engine.

Compare the cost of operating an Eberspächer Airtronic D2 on low heat setting at 0.1 litres per hour, to a 10 litre engine at 2.5 litres per hour.

Cooltronic parking coolers allow sleeping and resting inside the cabin – with the engine switched off.

The Most Important Advantages

Airtronic Air Heaters

  • Low power consumption, thus suitable for long heating times with the vehicle stationary (long breaks, overnight stay).
  • Pre-selectable room temperature.
  • Immediate provision of heat after heating is started.
  • Heating started by timer or radio remote control.

Hydronic Water Heaters

  • Double benefits: warming up the passenger compartment and engine thus making starting easy, protecting the engine, saving fuel and being kind to the environment.
  • Comfortable warm air distribution through the vehicle's own air vents.
  • Installation in the engine compartment.
  • Heating started by timer or radio remote control.
  • Pre-cooling possible in summer.

Both systems are also suitable for heating freight compartments.

Ask your workshop for detailed advice.