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Comfort from Bow to Stern

Eberspächer Hydronic Water Heaters

Apart from all interior rooms of the boat, Eberspächer water heaters also heat the domestic water and in addition ensure that the engine is pre-heated optimally.

Thanks to a wide range of heaters from 4,300 to 35,000 Watts heating power. Eberspächer offers customised solutions for every level of comfort.

The Most Important Advantages Summarised

  • Individual temperature setting on every flat radiator.
  • No fan noise with flat radiators.
  • Heats the domestic water in addition to the passenger compartment.
  • Optimum flexibility.
  • Installation in the engine room possible.
  • Small size of heater.
  • Small dimensioned pipes.
  • Heat delivery as required: Flat radiators, radiators with fan.
  • Pre-heating the engine.
  • Maintenance-free and easy to service.

How an Eberspächer Water Heater Works

The waterheated to 80°C is pumped through the piping and the radiators connected to it. Since the marine diesel and the generator generate heat during the journey, these units should also be included in the heating system to use the waste heat. Installation of an expansion tank, a pressure gauge and a safety valve is indispensable.

System Accessories for Individual Complete Solutions

Quite special requirements for use in smaller boats and ocean-going yachts can be fulfilled with high-quality, optimally matched accessories. Boilers, radiators and other parts of the system are available in the trade.